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NetFlix Summary Bug

A user of a netflix app has been documenting a bug that seems to fail to refresh the top half of the screen, accidentally mashing up film descriptions. The glitches have been widely covered by the press already but I’ve included them here as they remind me of some of the tactics employed by bot makers such as twoHeadlines by Darius Kazemi, or AndNowImagine by Ivy Baumgarten.

It’s unpacking some of what it means to be a ‘real girl’ and a ‘real boy.’ We get handed down these ideas of gender and sexuality: You’re supposed to be this or that. What happens if you float around the cracks and don’t fit into these narrowly prescribed things? … I believe in gender fluidity and sexual fluidity. … I don’t really identify as anything. I think you can fall in love with anybody. I don’t have anything to hide, but I’d rather the emphasis be on music.

Annie Clark (St. Vincent) to Rolling Stone on Prince Johnny, gender, and sexuality. (via fuckyeahstvincent)


Sarah Jessica Parker & Robert Downey Jr. circa 1983



Sarah Jessica Parker & Robert Downey Jr. circa 1983




NOTE: If you’re going to ELCAF or Oslo Comics Expo this weekend you can get it from the Peow!-table instead

I won’t be there myself but they guys will. Pat at ELCAF and Eli + Olle in Oslo. Go say hi! there will be lots of cool stuff at their table. 

link to the shop: http://www.peowstudio.com/shop/

Picked this up at TCAF.

Hanna K and PEOW are doing some of the most exciting work in the comics field right now.


"Power Shuffle," from the soundtrack to the new Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + Alpha DLC pack for Capcom’s Dead Rising 3