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yukutren asked
Since Mewgenics is your "Fez" does this mean you'll announce Mewgenics 2 and then cancel it?


This bit from John Oliver on Net Neutrality is excellent, hilarious, and a great primer to pass on to your less Internet-savvy friends (you know, the ones on Facebook) to help them understand what this all means and why they should be outraged. Watch the whole thing and then head over to this FCC website and tell them how you feel.



Summer Blonde

Just finished reading Summer Blonde. All four stories were my new favorites of Tomine’s. Just… perfection. 

Dude.  Just finished the first two stories last night, and the third one this morning.  SO GOOD.  Exactly my type of story.


Work by Daniel Clowes from his time at the Pratt Institute, via the Instagram of Gonked, Glooked & Slurped! See the links for more details:




More old comics! “The Stuffed Crust Pizza Story”, as seen in my zine Memory Foam II in 2010. Old.